Third-Party Extended Warranties: A Complex Topic

6 2016 Mazda MX-5

Consumers are often offered extended warranties from vehicle dealers when they purchase new or used vehicles. Extended warranties can be great products because they offer peace of mind in the event that your car needs to be repaired after the manufacturer’s new car, or dealer’s used car, warranty is no longer in effect. But there is an important thing to know about extended warranties – they are not all created equal. Those offered by reputable dealers are fine but many third-party ones aren’t. Here is what we want you to know:

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How to Best Drive in Wet Weather


Whether you’ve been on the road for decades or are a new driver, driving in the rain is inevitable and can be quite difficult. Here are six handy and useful tips to help you have a safe trip while on the road in the rain:

1. Turn your headlights on. Headlights will allow other motorists to see you better, but will also let you see the road better than without. However, don’t use rear fog lights in the rain because motorists behind you may think you are braking when you use them.

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About Tire Warranties


Tires are likely the most common automotive “replacement part” but not many people know a lot about them. In the following article we will focus on just that interesting factor of new tire ownership, being the warranty.

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Is Your Car Dreading the Winter?


When temperatures plummet, cars often get hard to start. With modern fuel injection systems, this is not as common as it used to be but when vehicles get really could it can still be an issue. An excellent way to make it easier on your engine is to keep it heated up a bit during the night.

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Why Are There So Few Diesel Cars?


In Europe, close to 50% of the cars and trucks on the road are diesels. So why not in the US? Polls reveal that Americans aren’t as comfortable with diesel-engined passenger cars and some say it has to do with an poorly-designed Oldsmobile diesel engine from almost 40 years ago. Specifically, back in 1978 Oldsmobile designed a V8 diesel and it was a real disaster. Here’s the story:

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