New Galaxy Line to Bend, Not Break


The Galaxy S3 proved to be a hard phone not to love, as Samsung managed to take everything they did right , and learn from the things they did wrong, with their previous releases and craft a smartphone so sleek and versatile it caused not only onlookers, but longer term users as well to consistently say “whoa” in its presence.

Of course, since it more than had the sales figures to match its technical accomplishments, there was never any doubt that Samsung would be hard at work on an S4 for 2013. Now though, the rumors that are starting to pile up about the S4 are making it increasingly apparent that the only thing obvious about the next generation phone, is its eventual release.

A few of the news bits coming out like the rumored better camera and bigger screen (5 inches is the theory), suspected April or May release date, and faster processor are all unconfirmed, but seem inevitable. The more interesting theories are actually the ones leaking from Samsung’s camp, including the idea that thanks to the use of OLED panels, the display on the S4 might be unbreakable. The more plastic based OLED panel would allow for an incredibly durable alternative to the traditional glass set up and, while it may be the bane of cell phone repair centers, would be a welcome feature to consumers that can’t seem to stop spiking their phones, and end up living with a cracked screen.

Even more intriguing is word that the use of OLED panels might also allow Samsung to create a truly flexible cell phone display that will allow the user to bend, twist, fold, and roll their phone with ease. Not that the S3 was ever a burden (that would be the Galaxy Note), but the thought of being able to contort your phone to any position is not only exciting, but in combination with the unbreakable screen also sets up what could be the most reliable piece of hardware every released in the field.

These are both just rumors still, and might not even come into play until the S5, but it’s looking like Samsung is working under the motivation that in the smartphone world, 2nd is no place at all.


Want a Nexus 4? Apparently So Does Everyone Else

Ever since its release, the LG Nexus 4 has been garnering praise from all corners due to it’s much improved camera, enhanced overall system speed, baffling array of high-end powerful features, and one of the most beautiful displays on any smartphone. Despite its notable lack of 4G LTE service (at least in the US), there are few out there that are denying it is one of the most technically impressive phones available.

Odds are good though you haven’t had a chance to experience what all of the hype is about, as it’s proven to be one of the most difficult to get phones on the market. Since launch, buyers have been scouring the internet looking for rare windows to purchase one at reasonable retail prices. Ideally, this would be done through the Google store, and sure enough yesterday for the first time since the Nexus 4’s release  they were offering the phones back in stock.

However, it  now looks like no real celebration is in order since as of today attempting to buy the phone will only warn you of its 8-9 week delivery time for the 8 GB model, and month minimum shipment date for the 16 GB version. Considering how long the window of opportunity was, it would seem that the sale was either an aberration, or that the Nexus 4 truly is the hottest phone of the holiday season.

In either case, the shortage of available phones is making some fans remember the madness surrounding the Nexus 7 tablet earlier this year, where even buyers who believed they purchased an in-stock tablet found themselves suddenly waiting and waiting for a unit to free up and ship out. Although, this time Google has taken precautions to insure those same expectations are kept more in check.

Considering that the Nexus 4 was meant as a high end smartphone at a competitive price, the sudden lack of options has changed the outlook of the the device so that it is now a high end smartphone at absurd prices. To fetch one, you have to turn to suspicious third party sites, or gouging eBay sellers, and deal with price inflations that are ranging anywhere from $150 to $300 or more. If you must have one by Christmas though (or in 2012), it would seem that may be the only option though.

There are more high quality smartphones on the market than ever before, and yet it seems in the mind of consumers the real race is now between the Nexus 4, the Galaxy SIII, and the best selling smartphone ever in the iPhone 5 for the crown. Considering most buyers won’t even be getting a Nexus this year, I’ll be interested to see how the hype and mania around the new model carries over to the other big two’s inevitable new designs in 2013.