Why The ChargeDrive is Everything You’ve Always Wanted In a Cell Phone Accessory


There are some burdens, like hang overs, we learn to live with because we come to accept them as the way things are. A big part of the reason the gadgets world is great, is because it’s essentially the combined effort of a group of people trying to make those burdens as few as possible. However, even in that effort there are a few added burdens that not always get addressed properly.

Thankfully one of those few burdens may soon be getting addressed thanks to a Kickstarter project for the ChargeDrive. Essentially the Swiss army knife of cell phone accessories, the ChargeDrive combines a charger, a stand, a tripod, and a USB flash drive in the hope of eliminating the burden of dragging around all the accessories needed to get the most out of your cell phone.  It’s about as large as an older model flash drive so the size is about right, and its clever design which includes a base that folds out into a sturdy tripod supported by the flash drive handle, and charger that only requires a USB drive on the other end, mean it looks to be practical as well.

If I had to throw a complaint here, it’s that the charger set up is better for a laptop, but otherwise this is a hell of a design. The problem with devices like this in the past, is that they incorporate a design just isn’t visually appealing, and often detract from the supposed usefulness of the all-in-one. That doesn’t appear to be the case here, and the inclusion of a tripod into the usual accessories combinations without ruining that design is genuinely inspired.

Going for an early backers price of $39, the price is about right for the ChargeDrive if it really is all it looks to be. Jump on this now then, while you have the chance.