Sign your Steak With the Norpro Branding Iron


While branding a cow certainly makes sense for the rancher, when you think about it, should his mark be the final word on your steak? After all, it was you who selected the perfect cut from the butcher, it was you who seasoned and marinated it to perfection, and it was you who wisely didn’t invite that one guy to your BBQ who asks for his steaks “burnt to a crisp” as to maintain the integrity of your work.

After all that effort, don’t you feel you should be able to leave a clear mark on your steak that leaves no doubt as to its creator?

If so then consider the Norpo BBQ Branding Iron. With it, you have the grammatical power of 55 included letters to brand your steak with the message of your choice right before it comes off of the grill. Whether it be something simple like putting the name of the respective recipient on each cut, or creating your own unique identifying statement, you can now finally put a signature on the artform that is that perfect cut of grilled beef.

Sure there are reports of the branding iron not being the most sturdy of utensils, and there is the nasty potential for looking kind of pretentious while using it, but sometimes the quality of a steak doesn’t speak for itself soon enough, and you need it to leave a quicker impression. For those times, you need this iron.


Make a Perfect Fully Loaded Hamburger Just in Time for Summer

Long before the Vikings cleaned house during the draft, residents of Minnesota have had a reason to feel blessed, and it has nothing to do with the natural beauty of the twin cities, but rather comes from the divey interiors of institutions like Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 club.

It’s called a juicy lucy, and it’s a hamburger stuffed with cheese.

Now you’d think that something so incredible would be available at every restaurant on the globe in an effort to kickstart world peace, but the truth is that a professionally made juicy lucy isn’t easy to find outside of Minnesota, and making one yourself is sooner to result in a mangled hamburger with the barest specs of cheese mocking you for your efforts.

That’s all changed now thanks to the stuff-a-burger. It’s a meat press that allows you to form the perfect ¾ or ½ pound burgers, with the right amount of room in the middle for a filling. Requiring considerably less effort than the hand-made method, the real draw to the stuff-a-burger is that it can form the perfect stuffed hamburger every time, and allow you to load it with such things as cheese, bacon, onions, or really anything you can think of within the reasons of your imagination, and concerned pleas of your cardiac physician.

Just in time for the summer, though just missing my man’s kitchen mock up, and clocking in at just $11.95, I advise any grill master to ignore the “as seen on TV name,” and turn your next burger party into an occasion that will drop everyone at the table’s jaws just enough to fit one of the monstrous wonders this device is capable of  in.