Apple Selling Refurb Retro iPods

1st Gen iPod.Do you ever look back on your first iPod and get a little tear in your eye? Do you lovingly remember the first time you took the original iPod Shuffle to the gym? Yeah, neither do I. I wasn’t all that taken with the iPod until the third generation to be honest. But for the early adopters out there, Apple has a special treat.

As TUAW points out, Apple currently has first-gen iPods and iPod Shuffles up for sale. Granted, they’re refurbed, but I still think it’s kinda cool. In case you’re wondering, that is indeed the iPod model with the physical scrollwheel and individual buttons surrounding the wheel. They’re claiming it’s 5GB iPod for $129 while the original Shuffle will run you a jaw-dropping $99.

Now I’m all for getting a little cutesy with old products, but $99 for the Shuffle that came with a lanyard? Come on, now. That’s just absurd.