Awesome transparent kayak

I want to hang out in Bora Bora with this transparent kayak.

Nokia Lumia Icon


Brands keep pushing the limit on audio and video as we start to record more and more of our lives. Nokia’s new Lumia Icon has some impressive features, like four microphones to boost sound quality along with full 1080p HD, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and unpixelated zoom. Now we’ll see if this phone can make a dent in the market share for Apple and Samsung.

Cool Flux Capacitor Car Charger


This is pretty awesome. We all need car charger these days, but why not get one that makes your car interior a little more like the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” with a Flux Capacitor car charger! It has two USB charging ports each of which provide 2.1 Amps, enough to charge 2 tablets simultaneously. Its an original creation from ThinkGeek and is probably one of the best gift ideas we’ve seen in a long time!

The world’s cheapest and most versatile gadget


Image by Inha Leex Hale

The world’s cheapest and most versatile gadget is … wait for it … the humble cable tie. That’s right; because, apart from their day to day use in the way in which they were intentioned (neatly tying all those unruly cables together of course) cable ties also have myriad other uses you may never have thought of. And when you think you can buy a whole bag load of them for less than the price of a cup of coffee – this makes them by far the most cost-effective gadget out there.

But first a few basics about cable ties. The name actually covers quite a broad range of products from the one that immediately springs to most people’s minds; the simple ridged nylon cable tie with one point end and tiny triangular teeth all along that only slope in one direction so you can lock them onto things – to far more technically demanding products used by electricians, technicians and other professionals in a wide range of settings.

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Weak sales for BlackBerry


I haven’t used a BlackBerry for years, but I have some friends that still swear by them. But apparently there aren’t enough people who feel like them, as sales keep trending down.

Maybe the announced Q20, or classic BlackBerry, will help a bit, as there are tons of people who still love a phone with buttons. That one can’t come fast enough.