Ways to Access Outlook 365

female worker typing at keyboard fingers

Outlook presented by Office 365 implements Exchange connection protocol. The client configuration or access can be achieved through Web Client. Office 365 will help you manage the email account in the best possible way. You will be able to create message, send message, forward, format and save message in a very efficient way. Various folder permissions can be granted and it is possible to maintain contacts and personal groups. Message options can be customized and various operations can be performed by using Outlook 365.

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US Army tests exoskeleton for soldiers

Check out this badass exoskeleton from HULC that the US Army is testing for soldiers. It’s basically a wearable robot, with one of the main advantages being that soldiers can carry more weight.


How to Record Your Screen on an iPad


Do you want to be able to record a video of your iPad screen? Assuming you want to create a guide involving iPads then it is certainly important that you’re able to do so, but you may also want to do other things such as record videos of apps on an iPad, or grab and save videos that are streaming there. Frankly speaking being able to record your iPad’s screen could help in many different ways and exploring them all may be exciting in its own right.

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Live Casino Games on Mobile Devices Becomes a Reality


The online gambling community is the home to an ever demanding player base, thanks to whom the casino industry has made incredible technological leaps throughout the years.

One of the things that have always been in high demands with online casinos was to replicate the gaming experience of real land-based venues, but within the comfort of your home. Game developers tried to answer this demand by offering live dealer studios, but due to the limits of gaming technology, these games were, at first, an experience best enjoyed on computers.

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A First Look at Virtual Reality Casino Games


When the shipment date of Oculus Rift was finally announced this year, the gaming community went into a frenzy about all the opportunities that were lying ahead. But while most eyes were turned on the world of PC and consoles, another form of gaming was quietly shaping up beneath the dust – VR casinos.

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