About Weird Features in Old Cars


Cars made many decades ago had some of the weirdest features in or on them. Read on to learn about seven of them! Enjoy!

1) Horse Head
Cars battled with horses as a popular means of transportation in the early days of cars, and there were some problems. Horses were frightened when a car approached because they didn’t know what cars were. In the late 1890s, Uriah Smith developed a perfect solution – a fake horse head. The idea was that cars would absolutely have to have his “Horsey Horseless” fake horse head attached to the front of the vehicle and that would calm skittish horses. Unfortunately, this never actually happened.

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How to Best Drive in Wet Weather


Whether you’ve been on the road for decades or are a new driver, driving in the rain is inevitable and can be quite difficult. Here are six handy and useful tips to help you have a safe trip while on the road in the rain:

1. Turn your headlights on. Headlights will allow other motorists to see you better, but will also let you see the road better than without. However, don’t use rear fog lights in the rain because motorists behind you may think you are braking when you use them.

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About Tire Warranties


Tires are likely the most common automotive “replacement part” but not many people know a lot about them. In the following article we will focus on just that interesting factor of new tire ownership, being the warranty.

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Surveillance through your toaster?


Here’s an interesting thought – as more gadgets are connected through the internet, using sensors to make out lives easier, it also opens up ways for hackers or the government to spy and conduct surveillance.

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About Daytime Running Lights

2 2014-Chevrolet-Corvette-045

Have you noticed the secondary strings of lights that embellish the headlights of a lot of the new cars today? Sometimes they are just a single point of light but many form interesting illuminated patterns that swoop around a vehicle’s main headlights. The automotive industry calls these additional lights “daytime running lights” (DRLs) and they are becoming very popular.

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