New World Record for Rubik’s Cube

This is pretty amazing!

Protect Your Nexus 6 With A Skin As Unique As You Are

If you’ve recently purchased the new Nexus 6, then you know you own an amazing piece of technology. Its sleek design allows for a massive HD screen that’s perfect for watching movies and reading e-books; its state-of-the-art camera lets you take extraordinary footage of your friends and family. However, these features, while impressive, come in a pretty generic package. Its black casing is as common as every other device on the market, making your phone look like anyone else’s. Its superior storage and processing capabilities also makes your phone become one of the most fragile things you keep in your back pocket. So to keep your phone from unwanted damage and looking unique, consider investing in a Nexus skin!

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Key Benefits of Matrix Switches

For homes with multiple televisions, having a system that allows you to access the data from different areas of the house can be very convenient, especially if there are a number of people living in the household. In such cases, matrix switches can prove to be a very valuable investment. There are a few key benefits that come with installing matrix switches within the home.

Easy Access

In general a matrix helps to connect and transmit data from various locations. As such, matrix switches help to transfer the data from one television to another quickly and efficiently. This allows individuals to easily access information from any area of the home whenever they want. So if you want to watch your favorite television show while your little ones want to catch up on the latest cartoon movie, there is no need to compromise. The data can be accessed from televisions in separate rooms and appease everyone’s tastes. This level of convenience can be very beneficial to certain individuals.

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Advantages Of Playing Online Flash Games

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The evolution of the video game industry is definitely impressive since we are faced with so many opportunities that are available for the video gamer that is interested in playing basically any game type. It is really important that you consider all the options as a gamer and the truth is that not many think about playing online Flash games. It is quite understandable since we are looking at something that is not as great as the regular games you may be playing at the moment but when you go for an entertainment option like when you play Command Grid, you can be faced with something that you never actually experienced till now.

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5 Concerns Debunked: How Technology Improves Efficiency

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Many people have problems with change. They become so engrossed within their current way of doing things, they don’t stop to realize just how much technology can benefit the aspect of business. Yes, paper ledgers did have their place in history. However, so did telegraphs and the abacus. Each new innovation develops growing concerns that may be unwarranted.

Input Errors

Some believe that data is only as accurate as the person typing in the information. This is true regardless if the system is computer-based on not. In fact, mathematical calculations done by software may be superior when compared to pencil and paper ledgers. A person is just as likely to write a wrong number by hand than type.

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