Advantages Of Playing Online Flash Games

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The evolution of the video game industry is definitely impressive since we are faced with so many opportunities that are available for the video gamer that is interested in playing basically any game type. It is really important that you consider all the options as a gamer and the truth is that not many think about playing online Flash games. It is quite understandable since we are looking at something that is not as great as the regular games you may be playing at the moment but when you go for an entertainment option like when you play Command Grid, you can be faced with something that you never actually experienced till now.

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5 Concerns Debunked: How Technology Improves Efficiency

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Many people have problems with change. They become so engrossed within their current way of doing things, they don’t stop to realize just how much technology can benefit the aspect of business. Yes, paper ledgers did have their place in history. However, so did telegraphs and the abacus. Each new innovation develops growing concerns that may be unwarranted.

Input Errors

Some believe that data is only as accurate as the person typing in the information. This is true regardless if the system is computer-based on not. In fact, mathematical calculations done by software may be superior when compared to pencil and paper ledgers. A person is just as likely to write a wrong number by hand than type.

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Analyzing How Users Search Within the App Store

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As an app builder, you probably know that app stores are the best places to market and promote your mobile apps. In fact, a recent report by Nielsen reveals that app store searches accounted for 63 percent of all apps purchased in 2011. However, it’s not enough to list your app on iTunes. To maximize search volume, mobile app builders must strive to understand the specific ways in which users search for new products in the app store. By analyzing the following popular search practices, you can tailor your ASO strategy to connect with quality users in the most cost effective way possible:

Search Results Rankings

Are you looking to boost your download rates in the iTunes App Store? While many builders aim to rank high in the app store charts, research suggests that search positioning is far more important. According to a recent article on Tech Crunch, 47 percent of buyers chose an app based on search results ranking compared to 10 percent who purchased an iOS app because it was listed on the charts. Concentrate on organic rankings and see your download rates rise.


Of course, not all app store visitors are shopping with a clear purpose in mind. Because many users browse through available apps before making a decision, it’s important to list your product in the appropriate category. If you’re uncertain about app labeling, take the time to review available options in the store menu before choosing. If two categories seem equally important, consider listing your app in the less competitive one to improve overall search rankings for your product.

Attractive Screenshots

Just because a user comes across your app doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll make the decision to buy it. However, including appealing screenshots with your app description can help ensure your product stands out in the crowd. Along with catching the eye of potential buyers, screenshots provide a glimpse into the app’s functionality. People can see how the product works, and what the platform looks like, before making the decision to download.

Reach the Maximum Number of Searchers with Your App

SEO for apps, app store optimization can increase both visibility and download rates for your app. However, it’s hard to reach all possible buyers if you don’t understand how people search. Contact Gummicube today for an analysis of your current ASO strategy and get started down the road to app store success.

Simplify Business Travel With A Workstation Laptop


If you travel for work, it’s vital that you’re able to bring your work with you wherever you go. For some time, the biggest disadvantage of a mobile workstation was its bulk and lack of power. Even though they came with advanced computing abilities, great performance, exceptional screen quality, and better than ever speed, they were heavy and bulky. Nobody wants to lug a huge cinder block of a computer around, especially across long commutes (or continents).

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Wireless speakers as gift ideas


This year it’s even easier to go wireless for your external speakers. Instead of hooking up your smartphone to an external speaker with a wire, check out all of the new wireless options out there like the 808 HEX TL Wireless Speaker pictured here. This one is a little bigger than many of the portable options out there but you get some killer bass and big sound in return so the size is worth it. It’s the best way to start a party or spice up a gathering so check it out.