New World Record for Rubik’s Cube

This is pretty amazing!

Key Benefits of Matrix Switches

For homes with multiple televisions, having a system that allows you to access the data from different areas of the house can be very convenient, especially if there are a number of people living in the household. In such cases, matrix switches can prove to be a very valuable investment. There are a few key benefits that come with installing matrix switches within the home.

Easy Access

In general a matrix helps to connect and transmit data from various locations. As such, matrix switches help to transfer the data from one television to another quickly and efficiently. This allows individuals to easily access information from any area of the home whenever they want. So if you want to watch your favorite television show while your little ones want to catch up on the latest cartoon movie, there is no need to compromise. The data can be accessed from televisions in separate rooms and appease everyone’s tastes. This level of convenience can be very beneficial to certain individuals.

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Wireless speakers as gift ideas


This year it’s even easier to go wireless for your external speakers. Instead of hooking up your smartphone to an external speaker with a wire, check out all of the new wireless options out there like the 808 HEX TL Wireless Speaker pictured here. This one is a little bigger than many of the portable options out there but you get some killer bass and big sound in return so the size is worth it. It’s the best way to start a party or spice up a gathering so check it out.

Kiss Connectivity from Keyssa

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to download an HD movie in just seconds between two devices? That type of super-fast data transfer will be here soon courtesy of a new company backed by Tony Fadell, Keyssa, and its Kiss Connectivity feature.

This great leap forward in data transfer speeds will prompt even more changes in how we use our computers and mobile devices. It will also change how they are designed, because with this technology you’ll simply be able to “tap” them together to initiate the transfer, which will make many of the ports on a device like a smartphone obsolete. If this lives up t the promise we’ll see big changes soon.

Casino Players Prefer Bigger Mobile Displays

iPhone 6 side view

When Apple announced the launch of their new so-called ‘phablet’ device – the iPhone 6 Plus – the mobile technology world took a deep breath then gasped phrases like ‘It’s huge – no one will buy it’ and ‘Why not just have an iPad?’ However, despite these naysayers and their publicly announced doubts, sales of the iPhone 6 Plus have been much better than predicted…even by Apple. This could be due to the rise in popularity of mobile games and, in particular, mobile casino games. The large 5.5” display is perfect for graphic-rich games and it is ideal for video slots and live dealer mobile casino games.

Smartphones and Tablets to Overtake Consoles

According to report undertaken by research specialists, Newzoo, which was recently published in the Guardian newspaper, mobile games will generate greater revenue than games for consoles during 2015. The report predicts that mobile giant, Apple will generate double the revenue of the world famous console games provider, Nintendo next year. Much of this growth can be fairly attributed to the rise in popularity of large-screen mobile devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, which allow for a more in-depth and engaging mobile experience.

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