Guide to Your Car’s Timing Belt


Without question, your engine’s timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your car. The worlds junkyards are filled with cars with engines damaged due to timing belt failures. Here’s what you should know so you can avoid that fate:

First, what is a timing belt? A timing belt is a heavy duty ribbed rubber belt that couples the crankshaft to camshaft(s). Essentially, it keeps the valves in the top half of the engine in sync with the pistons and crankshaft in the bottom half.

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Your Car Just Emailed Me and Told Me to Replace its Battery


Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), General Motors announced its plans to add 4G LTE connectivity to most of its vehicles by the 2016 model year. One of the most interesting features that will utilize this 4G LTE connectivity is GM’s new is GM’s OnStar Driver Assurance system. The OnStar Driver Assurance system actually predicts when certain engine parts might fail and warns drivers so they can get them replaced before any problems occur. Consider this a major improvement over the “check engine” light that really just tells you something is wrong and “to get your car to a mechanic”.

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Flex-Fuel Vehicles Explained


Before we get into the vehicles themselves, let’s take a look at what Flex-fuel is, in particular, what “E85 Fuel” is. E85 is a biofuel mixture which contains 85% ethanol alcohol and 15% gasoline. It is available in most of the United States (however in some states, distribution is rather sparse). E85 is most popular in southern states which are closer to the companies that are making the ethanol component.

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Find the Best Gift: Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Father’s Day and graduation are just around the corner or possibly a birthday is coming up for that special someone, you may be searching for the perfect gift. After dismissing the all too common tie and the consistent favorite, but noncommittal gift card, take a look at these headphones by Monster. There are many great reasons to choose these as your go-to gift of choice this year. As you review the following benefits, keep your dad or loved one in mind:

Safe From Entanglement

One of the first reasons that people choose to go wireless is the increased mobility it provides. Whether you like to listen to music while washing the car or bike-riding along your favorite paths, the tangle of wires and cords can become more than a distraction; they can create potentially dangerous situations. So, no matter what type of hobbies, work, or recreation your guy (or gal) likes to do, a wireless headset is the way to go.

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Top 5 Android and iOS Apps For Soccer Fans

Goal Live App

Soccer is the most popular sports and almost everyone loves to watch it. Millions and millions of people are anxious to know about what is going on in the match and even want to check the score and live commentary. Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool etc are some famous soccer clubs and these have millions of fan. You can expect everyone to buy tickets for Real Madrid games or others and enjoy. People have works and they have to be present there. But with the help of apps in your Smartphone you can access the live scores and latest updates regarding a match.

Here are the top 5 Apps for soccer:

1. FotMob

It is one of the best apps for getting live score updates of a soccer match going on. The design of the app is quite simple yet attractive and very easy to navigate. It provides you with a lot of information while you are on the go or busy at your classes or meetings and cannot watch live matches. It will give you live tickers, statistics, head-to-head, facts about matches and also the tops soccer news happening in and around the world. You can download this app from your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

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