Live Casino Games on Mobile Devices Becomes a Reality


The online gambling community is the home to an ever demanding player base, thanks to whom the casino industry has made incredible technological leaps throughout the years.

One of the things that have always been in high demands with online casinos was to replicate the gaming experience of real land-based venues, but within the comfort of your home. Game developers tried to answer this demand by offering live dealer studios, but due to the limits of gaming technology, these games were, at first, an experience best enjoyed on computers.

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A First Look at Virtual Reality Casino Games


When the shipment date of Oculus Rift was finally announced this year, the gaming community went into a frenzy about all the opportunities that were lying ahead. But while most eyes were turned on the world of PC and consoles, another form of gaming was quietly shaping up beneath the dust – VR casinos.

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Photography with the new iPhone 7 Plus

It’s always interesting to learn how a professional uses new gadgets, so this video with a professional photographer using the new iPhone 7 Plus for street photography is worth watching. Obviously the telephoto lense is a the hot new feature with the iPhone and he explains those advantages, while also addressing some of the limitations as well. Watch this and you’ll take better photos . . .


Apple moves beyond headphone jack with iPhone 7


It’s been rumored for months, and now Apple has confirmed that the new iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack. This will likely disappoint millions of users who have invested in cool headphones over the years, but now it’s time to get new gear if you want the new iPhone.

Apple also introduced the new AirPods pictured above, which look like cool headphones but right away highlight one critical issue – these things will be very easy to lose! Big headphones are one thing, but these small ones can easily be lost as they’ll no longer be attached to a cord.

Apple points out that the new AirPods will be very easy to use as you can simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. You can put them in your ears and they connect instantly. They can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out.

So this will be an adjustment for many consumers, but Apple tends to change habits with their designs and it will be interesting to see how these new devices are adopted.


Fitbit sales leadership isn’t reflected in stock performance

In the video above, Fitbit CEO James Park addresses an interesting dilemma for Fitbit, as the company’s stock price has under-performed since its IPO. The company is a leader in its space as the top fitness tracker on the market, and the Apple Watch hasn’t dented its momentum. It’s also in the exploding wearables category, which offers huge potential growth. But skeptics haven’t rewarded the company with increases in the stock price. Park explains that there is some concern that the company is just a one-product company.