Will Magic Leap live up to the hype?

Most realize that virtual reality and augmented reality will revolutionize computing, gaming and many more industries. So it’s no surprise that a company like Magic Leap is generating a ton of buzz.

The focus of Magic Leap involves virtual reality overlaid on the real world in a manner is called mixed reality. In a mixed reality world, objects are aware of their environment and can interact with the “real” world. The results are stunning and the potential is mind-boggling.

The company has not released a prototype yet, let alone an actual product, yet it has already raised $1.4 billion from a who’s who of Silicon Valley VCs and companies. Expect to hear much more about the company and its technology in the months and years to come.


Amazon Echo vs Google Home

We’re entering into a new era with these voice-activated home assistants. Many assumed robots would become common in the home, but the ability to speak to these devices to get information and control home devices will likely become very popular with both Amazon and now Google getting into the game with the Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

If you’re considering one of these gadgets, then check out the video above. They literally tear down these two products while comparing their features.


Live Casino Games on Mobile Devices Becomes a Reality


The online gambling community is the home to an ever demanding player base, thanks to whom the casino industry has made incredible technological leaps throughout the years.

One of the things that have always been in high demands with online casinos was to replicate the gaming experience of real land-based venues, but within the comfort of your home. Game developers tried to answer this demand by offering live dealer studios, but due to the limits of gaming technology, these games were, at first, an experience best enjoyed on computers.

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A First Look at Virtual Reality Casino Games


When the shipment date of Oculus Rift was finally announced this year, the gaming community went into a frenzy about all the opportunities that were lying ahead. But while most eyes were turned on the world of PC and consoles, another form of gaming was quietly shaping up beneath the dust – VR casinos.

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Photography with the new iPhone 7 Plus

It’s always interesting to learn how a professional uses new gadgets, so this video with a professional photographer using the new iPhone 7 Plus for street photography is worth watching. Obviously the telephoto lense is a the hot new feature with the iPhone and he explains those advantages, while also addressing some of the limitations as well. Watch this and you’ll take better photos . . .