Tony Fadell on the iPod, Kickstarter, Nest, Steve Jobs and more

Tony Fadell has a very interesting background, and he’s very knowledgeable about the process of creating great hardware and gadgets. In this excellent interview with Kevin Rose, Fadell discusses a wide variety of topics that would be helpful and interesting to entrpreneurs or anyone who loves gadgets.

He explains the value of Nest and where the company is going in the future. He gives some background on his role in the creation of the iPod and his work with Steve Jobs. And he also addresses some of the challenges of trying to create a hardware company using Kickstarter. Listen to his discussion of the power of saying no and the need for simplicity in products.

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New TVs at CES

If you thought there wasn’t much more manufacturers could do with HDTV after 3D TVs basically crashed and burned, then check out this video from Crave Online of the Top 5 TV Innovations at CES. We;re definitely seeing new features being added for “smart TVs” and also some interesting shapes to make the viewing experience more natural.

Top casino games for your mobile phone

It seems like no matter what kind of casino you select, slot machines are one of the top casino games. They have attractive graphics and sounds based upon a creative theme. They also offer fun little twists such as bonus rounds and free spins. Therefore, with the availability of slot machine games to mobile phone users, it should be no surprise that these games continue to be a top casino game. Some mobile phone users prefer slot machines because they are quick to play and do not require a great deal of concentration. These characteristics make them excellent for playing while on the go.

Mobile casinos offer several different versions of slot machine games for their users. Among these is the game, Thunderstruck. Based upon a Norse mythology theme, Thunderstruck features the god, Thor. An adventurous game, Thunderstruck offers players an option to earn free spins. Also, it has another bonus round where a player’s winnings may be doubled. Mermaid Millions is another mobile casino slot machine that has mythical creatures. With five reels, Mermaid Millions also provides for 15 paylines. The goal of this game is for a player to get at least three of the same symbol in order.

One slot machine game for mobile users at Jackpot city is a game known as Double Magic. The three reels of this game feature all of the traditional slot machine symbols found on the first machines. For instance, you can find cherries, lemons, bars and red 7’s. Getting at least one cherry symbol will provide some winnings to players. However, getting more will increase the amount of money won. This slot machine only features one payline which makes it easy to play on your mobile phone when on the go. The maximum payout with Double Magic is 1600 coins which is a nice amount to win if just passing time!

6 Most Innovative Automobile Gadgets Introduced in the Past Decade

Newer car features not only make driving safer, but allow modern conveniences to drivers. Car makers are eliminating many of the common distractions for drivers, making the road safer for everyone.

1. Automatic Parallel Parking

2012 Ford Focus interior

Before this innovative feature, people would drive laps around the block to avoid parallel parking spots. Now, drivers can’t wait to slide into a parallel parking spot on a busy downtown street. With the click of a button your car can size up the spot’s perimeters, start rotating your wheel, and make you look like a parking champion.

2. Automatic Brakes

The world is a better place now that many new cars have automatic brakes. By detecting danger in the form of another car, a person, or a road obstruction, these brake-systems keep drivers and passengers safe. Automatic brakes detect danger through a variety of sensors including radars, video, infrared, and ultrasonic technologies. With this feature, fewer rear-ends are in the future.

3. Phone Integration

This feature creates safer, less distracted drivers. By allowing drivers to talk on their phones, hands-free, the roads are safer. Smartphones are able to synch with audio systems in cars, so that the speaker phone is activated through the audio. Microphones are installed in the audio systems so drivers don’t need to find their phones to answer a phone call. The phone just needs to be somewhere in the car.
Even newer to cars, a texting function allows you have texts read to you by a computer, and reply to the texts with voice activation. This feature is becoming so popular that you can probably even find it in cars on buy here pay here car lots. Convenient will become the most popular word in your vocabulary.

4. Start/Stop Technology

This technology is smart enough to cut off the engine when your car is in idle and automatically start it back up when you begin to move, saving your car’s fuel. Perfect for heavy traffic or catching long red lights, this feature won’t let your car waste fuel when you’re sitting stationary. You’ll be saving the environment and your money with this start/stop technology.

5. Pushbutton Gear Selector

Freeing up center console space, this feature allows the driver to select gears with the touch of a button. Park, reverse, drive, or put your car in neutral with these buttons. Found in some cars from the sixties, this retro-feature is making its way back into cars. You won’t have to worry about gear shifts rusting or sticking when you’re trying to put your car into gears.

6. Intelligent Crash Response System

Instead of a voice clicking on asking you if you’re safe after a car accident, this crash response system automatically unlocks your doors, disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator cable, shuts off the fuel supply, and turns on the warning hazards and interior lights. Found standard in several Volkswagens, this system focuses on safety, even after an accident occurs.

As technology advances, safety measures advance making driving safer for everyone involved. Being a distracted driver is not possible these pioneering automobile features.

Building the Ultimate Man’s Kitchen

One of my favorite of the ’90s prime time sitcoms will always be “Home Improvement.”

In retrospect, this is most likely because it introduced most of the world to Pamela Anderson and Debbie Dunning (more than you can say for even “The Wire”), but it also had some memorable gags, a host of hilarious characters, and some truly standout episodes, including the infamous introduction of the man’s kitchen.

The first in a string of episodes where a common room is redesigned and “man-ified,” the man’s kitchen took the misogynist idea that the kitchen is only for women and presented one that was instead an almost cartoonish playground for the average man.

While absurd, with the gadget explosion that has occurred since, there are now enough devices available to truly craft a man’s kitchen. Some of these accessories are absurd and lavish, while others are common and accessible. But when combined, they create the ultimate real life man’s kitchen.

Grand Palais 180 Stove

Let’s start with the impossible shall we?

Your oven/stovetop is going to be the most important part of any kitchen, and if you really want something that will show off that idea, you need the king of all home ovens. Resembling a train car more than a stove, the Grand Palais wouldn’t be out of place in the home of an old world ruler or even steampunk baron. With its built in gas and electric ovens, as well as a variety of different stovetop grill and burner options, it also happens to work perfectly as the centerpiece of the man’s kitchen.

Sure they run around the $46,000 range depending on enhancements , but dammit we can do this thing cheap, or we can do it right.

Hot Dog Toaster

Of course it’s not all ovens worthy of the 1%, as some parts of the man’s kitchen are just down to earth essentials.

Since nothing is more essential than the need for a hotdog, instead of wasting your time with the stovetop or microwave methods, why not make the perfectly cooked hot dog and bun, as easy as you make a piece of toast? It’s possible with the pop-up hot dog toaster, which cooks hot dogs of your chosen consistency in mere minutes with the ease of the average toaster. It’s even got compartments enough for two hot dogs and buns and the design goes well with that $46,000 oven.

A steal at $19.99, this one even got the Barney Stinson seal of approval.

Crème Brule Torch

It’s the eternal question man has asked since the dawn of the caveman.

How can I use more fire doing this?

In the kitchen, the answer is simple thanks to the standard crème brule torch. Ideally used to brown that famous tricky desert, considering it’s nothing more than a small scale blow torch, feel free to use it to make anything where direct heat is required (like melting cheese over nachos) twice as bad ass, and ten times as manly.

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Best use of GoPro Hero3 miniature digital camera

This is an awesome video featuring the lovely Inessa Chimato and a hula cam. What’s a hula cam? Well, it’s another example of the incredible potential of the new generation of miniature digital cameras. The clever guys at Clip Critics decided to put the brand-new GoPro Hero3 black at 2.7k and 1080p 60fps on a hula hoop. Give it to a girl in a bikini on the beach and you have a super fun video!

We’re pretty confident that these tiny digital cameras are going to have a huge impact on our lives, with fun implications for entertainment, helpful implications for security and possibly troubling implications for privacy.

Video conferencing: what it is and how it works

The business world is slowly waking up to the fact that video conferencing such as that featured on could help to improve their operations in so many ways. You may wonder what video conferencing is, and what makes it so good, but there are reasons why your business should use it.

As with Conference Calling at, it’s designed to make meeting with clients a breeze. It allows those with the technology to talk to people from different locations worldwide, meaning that a meeting can be arranged and held almost straight away, which takes the traveling and expense previously involved in meetings out of the equation.

Video Conferencing is a must for any company looking to save money, save time and boost levels of productivity. However, you may wonder how it works, and whether it requires a lot of work to set up.

To get started, you need the following equipment:

• Two or more webcams or video cameras
• The same amount of microphones
• A large monitor or projector, but a TV will work just as well
• A strong internet connection
• Speakers
• A data compressor
• Video conferencing software

Once you have all the right equipment, you need to decide whether you want to just do point-to-point or multi-point video conferencing. The former is for one-to-one meetings between two different locations. Meanwhile, multi-point video conferencing is for three or more locations.

Multi-point video conferencing is very useful, not least because it makes potentially complicated meetings easy. It requires a multi-point bridge to help make it possible, as this will ensure that real-time conversation can go ahead as planned. Usually, connection to a server is the way to go about it.

As soon as everything’s in place for you to make full use of video conferencing, you’ll be free to enjoy its many benefits.
Your business could save money and time by not traveling to meetings. Also, workers who get tired from traveling will be less prone to tiredness during working hours, while communication with clients will be streamlined and much easier to keep going over long periods of time.

There’s a gadget for everything

Free image courtesy of

Or at least that’s what it seems like. Everywhere you look there are cool and interesting gadgets that didn’t exist several years ago, and many of them are now on your holiday shopping list.

But some gadgets are truly unique. For years smokers didn’t have many choices when trying to quit. Then the patch came along and at least there was a way to get nicotine while trying to kick the habit. But it was still difficult not having something in your hand to puff on. Now that problem has been solved.

E-cigarettes are the new thing, and they just may be something you’ll want to add as a stocking stuffer for that person on your list who wants (or needs) to kick his smoking habit. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, vaporizes a liquid nicotine, food grade solution that is inhaled and exhaled, just like a regular cigarette. This vapor is free from tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of carcinogens that are found in regular cigarettes. The vapor that is exhaled actually looks like the smoke from regular cigarettes but is simply an odorless vapor.

Think about the person on your list who might want to try this. E-cigs from Ecigarette Direct are becoming more popular and this would definitely be a gift to remember. It’s frankly a lot better than an ugly sweater or a tie!