Best Android Games With a Gambling Theme

If you’re looking for an android game with a gambling theme, but don’t want to spend real money, then try one of our recommendations below:

Coin Dozer

Step right up, ladies and gents, for the virtual version of the seaside game you’ve spent hours shoving two pence coins into to win a plastic keyring! One of most-played free games of all time, Coin Dozer puts the fun in your hands. Drop gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prizes your way—don’t forget the special coins to help you out! Be careful, though: don’t doze your prizes off the sides! Each prize line you complete unlocks a unique bonus to help you get even MORE prizes and coins!

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Analyzing How Users Search Within the App Store

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As an app builder, you probably know that app stores are the best places to market and promote your mobile apps. In fact, a recent report by Nielsen reveals that app store searches accounted for 63 percent of all apps purchased in 2011. However, it’s not enough to list your app on iTunes. To maximize search volume, mobile app builders must strive to understand the specific ways in which users search for new products in the app store. By analyzing the following popular search practices, you can tailor your ASO strategy to connect with quality users in the most cost effective way possible:

Search Results Rankings

Are you looking to boost your download rates in the iTunes App Store? While many builders aim to rank high in the app store charts, research suggests that search positioning is far more important. According to a recent article on Tech Crunch, 47 percent of buyers chose an app based on search results ranking compared to 10 percent who purchased an iOS app because it was listed on the charts. Concentrate on organic rankings and see your download rates rise.


Of course, not all app store visitors are shopping with a clear purpose in mind. Because many users browse through available apps before making a decision, it’s important to list your product in the appropriate category. If you’re uncertain about app labeling, take the time to review available options in the store menu before choosing. If two categories seem equally important, consider listing your app in the less competitive one to improve overall search rankings for your product.

Attractive Screenshots

Just because a user comes across your app doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll make the decision to buy it. However, including appealing screenshots with your app description can help ensure your product stands out in the crowd. Along with catching the eye of potential buyers, screenshots provide a glimpse into the app’s functionality. People can see how the product works, and what the platform looks like, before making the decision to download.

Reach the Maximum Number of Searchers with Your App

SEO for apps, app store optimization can increase both visibility and download rates for your app. However, it’s hard to reach all possible buyers if you don’t understand how people search. Contact Gummicube today for an analysis of your current ASO strategy and get started down the road to app store success.


The App Aided College Student

As technology permeates more areas of our lives, it’s no surprise that it’s also have a huge effect on the college experience. This is particularly true of apps of course as there’s not an app for practically everything. So college student have apps that will influence their study habits and note taking along with their social lives.

The App-Aided College Student | Campbellsville U Infographic
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The war for your handheld device

With the news that Priceline is buying OpenTable for a whopping $2.6 billion in cash, Jim Cramer explains in the video below how this fits into the war for your handheld device. Apps like OpenTable with its huge user base are incredibly powerful, and for Priceline it fits in beautifully following last year’s acquisition of Kayak. Now the next obvious step when you’re booking travel is making restaurant reservations.

This consolidation is very interesting and we’ll see how companies like Google respond. Google owns Zagat.


Top Mobile Gaming Apps

With the advancement in power and speeds available in mobile phones in recent years, especially with the introduction of smartphones, phones have gone from devices allowing you make and receive phone calls and messages to smaller, more mobile computers. There is almost nothing that you are unable to do on your cell phone that you can do on your laptop these days, and this has led to a massive amount of apps, games and mobile websites for you to work and relax on the go. Our favourite ways of relaxing on your mobile device are listed below in no particular order.

Flappy Bird

Although this game has been pulled by its creator in recent times due to “it destroyed my simple life” as Nguyen Ha Dong said on Twitter, it is a fantastically addictive game that sees players have to tap the screen to flap the wings of their bird to navigate through the gaps in the Mario-esque tubes. The game was downloaded more than 50 million times from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store before being pulled and it has spawned numerous copied versions, so those new to the game can still try a version of it.

The joy of the game is that simple to pick up and play, but frustrating to master and get any sort of rhythm and, as such, high scoring going. Despite this, it is still a game I’m struggling to put down on my commute to work!

Angry Birds

Another bird featured game that has gained massive popularity since its creation and release late in 2009 is Angry Birds. It has spread from the iPhone to all smartphones and can be played in your browser too, with a film being released in 2016. The game, and its myriad of sequels, have been downloaded over two billion times and have been described as “the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far”.

The premise, again, is simple in that you must fling your angry birds from a slingshot to destroy buildings and the evil pigs on the battlefield. The fewer birds used, the higher your score. It is another devilishly simple and massively addictive game that cannot be put down once started.

Gambling Apps

As a massive online gaming junkie, I regularly play poker and bingo as well as casino and slot games in my free time on my laptop in the evenings and at weekends. Thanks to the speeds of both smartphones and mobile connections increasing in recent years it is now possible to play all of these games on your mobile device while on the go as long as you have stable connection.

There are many different versions of mobile apps and specifically designed mobile friendly websites available for all aspects of online gaming. Of all the games that you are able to play, I love the ability to play free online bingo games at Butlers on my mobile devices as the quick games allow several games while commuting, although I do switch it up on longer journeys with either poker or a long session of online slot games played on my iPhone.

Candy Crush

After being released in early 2012 on Facebook, it did not take long for this simple game of connecting three of the same candy together to release them from the board to help complete a set task to migrate to smartphones and become an even bigger worldwide phenomenon. It could even be up to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange!

As of the end of last year, Candy Crush has been downloaded more than half a billion times and it’s Facebook page has more than 61 million likes. Everyone is playing it and it is certainly as addictive and challenging, infuriatingly so, as the other games that fill my commute with a combination of fist pumps and expletives! If none of these tickle your fancy try Weather Doodle!