Awesome Tech For Under 50 Dollars


There are some incredible pieces of technology available on the market today. The world of consumer technology has changed the way we interact with the world, and with the people around us. It’s all things smart and everything from your mobile device to your television set are stamped with this standard.

New technology trends are exciting and fun, allowing us to access even more than ever before. It unlocks a new standard and slowly makes that standard the new norm. The most recent innovations like 4K and virtual reality devices may be at the tip of everyone’s tongue, but the reality is that these devices are expensive and not everyone has the budget for them.

Even though it’s awesome to own the latest and greatest consumer technology and gadgets, there are some other less expensive tech options for a mind twisting cool factor. That is why we are taking a look at the coolest tech you can get your hands on for 50 dollars and under.

Charge It With A Solar Panel

As technology improves and new tech replaces outdated tech, the price of technology is affected. Like a constant ebb and flow or rise and fall there is a push and pull running through every technological environment, which slowly filters down to you and me and all consumer tech available.

Solar panels are a prime example of this push and pull force in technology. Harnessing the sun’s power was once a very elitist tech that was expensive and limited. The panels were bulky and cumbersome, but today solar panels can fold up and be transported with you for power on the go.

The ECEEN 13W, portable solar charger is exactly that. It’s a foldable solar panel equipped with 2 USB ports for a multiplicity of powering options. Priced at just $40 the ECEEN is budget friendly and packs a punch when you need it most.

The Credit Card PC

The Raspberry PI 3 has launched and is more powerful than any of its predecessors. If you’re still a little lost; the Raspberry PI 3 is a credit card sized computer that you don’t need to hit the jackpot at an NZD casino to buy (but it would be nice!). Obviously you need to add the power supply, keyboard, mouse, display and microSD card installed with Linux distribution and you have a fully functional computer.

It’s not just a full on computer either, with key components already attached to a sufficient motherboard; you can turn the Raspberry into an array of nifty gadgets too. All this power in the palm of your hand currently retails for $38.

Stream Through Life

The Google Chromecast 2015 edition is still a great piece of tech. This streaming device will allow users to stream all time favourites like Netflix and HBO GO in 1080p. With an extended cable that will comfortably wrap itself into your television’s HDMI port, and multi search angles like text and voice, which allow you to search across platforms. All this for just $35, it just makes sense.

Misfit Flash

The world of wearable tech exploded with the multi million-dollar fitness tracker industry, which even saw Apple launch a smartwatch in an attempt to break into the world of wearable tech.

All the top end brands give you features that you never really use and if you’re looking for a fitness tracker to give you the basic low-down on your daily activity then the Misfit Flash is for you.

The device will monitor the amount of calories you burn, steps you take and total distance travelled via a three-axis accelerometer. It looks sleek and sporty, and the glowing red led lights also give you an incentive to complete daily goals. Get moving with the Misfit Flash for only $21.


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