Best broadband for online gaming?


Are you a gamer? Well, if you answered with a yes to that question then I guess you understand the struggle that comes with trying to decide what broadband to buy when it comes to your gaming experience. Let’s be honest, it is now 2017, and there is now a whole range of different broadband choices to choose from when it comes to gaming. As I said before we are in 2017 and this means online gaming has become more competitive and this means people are going to want to play the game as smoothly as possible. Below I am going to detail the best broadband deals when it comes to online gaming.

Virgin Media- Vivid 100 Fibre broadband

When it comes to competitive online gaming let’s face it, you are going to want a fast broadband connection so your game does not lag or stutter which can result in you losing the online game. You can lose the online game through your lagging internet connection as by your character lagging in an action-packed video game such as Call Of Duty the enemy will have the advantage against you. This is because your character is frozen and theirs is not so they can kill you very quickly. This is why having a fast internet connection is critical to avoid situations like this and the best broadband to buy with the fastest connection is by far Virgin Media- Vivid 100 Fibre broadband. If you order the Virgin Media- Vivid 100 Fibre broadband you can have an uploading speed of up to 6Mb. By having a high uploading speed, it is superb for gaming as you will be able to stream your games very well and there will be hardly any glitches which results in a better gaming stream. The other great thing about this Virgin Media package is that it also has a very high downloading speed of an incredible 100MB. To be able to play an online video game you must first download the game’s details into you console or computer and having a fast downloading speed is necessary as it means you can download and play the game far quicker. This is why this broadband package is an excellent choice for online gaming

BT unlimited infinity 1

Now, when you are a pretty passionate online gamer, you are going to want to download lots of games every month. This is the reason to why it is so important as a player to have a high download limit, so you can play as much video games as you want. The best package for having a high downloading limit is the BT package: BT unlimited infinity 1. I am saying this package because this package has an incredible unlimited downloads. Now, this is fantastic news for us gamers as it means we have the ability to play as many games as we want. Many other broadbands also offer this but BT infinity win here as they offer it for a low price of only £28.99 a month and you also get a high download speed of 52MB. This is why in my opinion BT unlimited infinity 1 wins for the best broadband for playing online games.

Virgin Media VIP bundle

To conclude, we have now talked about uploading and downloading speeds. We have also talked about unlimited data, but now it is time to speak of the effective monthly cost. This is what will influence most gamers as they do not want to be spending much money on just one impressive feature of the broadband bundle. The gamer overall will want a whole range of high-end features for a decent price and the best broadband package for that is the Virgin Media VIP bundle. This is because this package will only cost you £85 a month and what you get with that £85 is incredible. If you get this package, you will be able to have an incredible 200MB downloading speed, and it can hold up to an amazing ten devices at once. This is great because if your sister is stuck on her phone talking to her friends on Skype, it means that her using that internet connection for gossip will not affect your ability to play online games in the slightest.


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