Find the Best Gift: Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Father’s Day and graduation are just around the corner or possibly a birthday is coming up for that special someone, you may be searching for the perfect gift. After dismissing the all too common tie and the consistent favorite, but noncommittal gift card, take a look at these headphones by Monster. There are many great reasons to choose these as your go-to gift of choice this year. As you review the following benefits, keep your dad or loved one in mind:

Safe From Entanglement

One of the first reasons that people choose to go wireless is the increased mobility it provides. Whether you like to listen to music while washing the car or bike-riding along your favorite paths, the tangle of wires and cords can become more than a distraction; they can create potentially dangerous situations. So, no matter what type of hobbies, work, or recreation your guy (or gal) likes to do, a wireless headset is the way to go.

Block Out Background Noise

Life is noisy. Most of the time, people go through their days trying to ignore the stuff in the background while remaining focused on things of importance. Noise-blocking headphones are a great gift. While they have their pros and cons, they do filter out those background noises and unwanted ambient sounds. If your loved one gets distracted while studying, wants to enjoy the outdoors without the loud distractions of the neighborhood, or just wants to lay back for an hour, wireless headphones make great gifts.

Easy to Use

Another popular characteristic of these headphones is their convenience and comfort. They are usually lightweight, adding to the amount of comfort that the user enjoys. Many wireless headsets are automatically rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about including batteries and more batteries with the gift. The headphones are easy to use (volume is often located right at the set, rather than just at the base unit) and are offered in many different varieties.

Work or Play at a Distance

Some types of Bluetooth earphones can operate up to 300 feet away from the source of the music. This allows the wearer to move throughout the home or yard without disrupting their listening experience. Sport headphones fit comfortably underneath protective headgear like goggles and helmets. With the radio or mp3 unit stowed safely on the body, these wireless earphones can pick up the signal and provide a top-quality listening experience for very active individuals – or for those who prefer napping.

Great on Any Budget

When you spend time browsing through a Dads and Grads gift guide, you’ve probably got some budget restrictions in mind. Fortunately, with ongoing advancements in technology, these convenient and comfortable headphones are available at comfortably affordable prices. Your chances of finding the perfect gift are high – even if you’re looking for a set that comes equipped with a charger or one that is compatible with a specific smartphone or similar device.

The Perfect Gift

When you are struggling to find the perfect gift for Dad or for your active graduate, or for the birthday of someone who is close to you, take a close look at the options available to you in wireless headphones. You may want to grab a pair for yourself as well. Cut those cords and grab onto a little more mobility. Enjoy premium sound quality and the freedom of movement to bust out some smooth moves to the music.


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