Protect Your Nexus 6 With A Skin As Unique As You Are

If you’ve recently purchased the new Nexus 6, then you know you own an amazing piece of technology. Its sleek design allows for a massive HD screen that’s perfect for watching movies and reading e-books; its state-of-the-art camera lets you take extraordinary footage of your friends and family. However, these features, while impressive, come in a pretty generic package. Its black casing is as common as every other device on the market, making your phone look like anyone else’s. Its superior storage and processing capabilities also makes your phone become one of the most fragile things you keep in your back pocket. So to keep your phone from unwanted damage and looking unique, consider investing in a Nexus skin!

Superior Nexus skins are made out of 3M vinyl. This material offers an extraordinary amount of versatility to its design. Sacrificing nothing in composition, the vinyl can be altered to fit any style or preference. When you shop online with a company that understands your need to be unique, you can choose from a variety of colours, finishes, and textures. If you visit you can see a full line of skins, wraps, and decals for any generation of Nexus. Once you pick the Nexus 6, you can even play with combinations using an easy-to-use online skin builder, so you can see whether your Nexus looks better in your favourite colour yellow or with a sophisticated mahogany finish.

nexus 6

Traditional phone cases are composed of hard plastics or unwieldy rubbers that add extra millimetres to the phone they’re protecting. When the Nexus 6 is wider, thicker, and longer than most other smart phones, you don’t need any extra bulk in the palm of your hand. With a customized skin that is cut to the precise measurements of your Nexus 6, you won’t be sacrificing size for its style and protection. The 3M vinylwill hug your phone’s every curve, making it easy to manage. In fact, the composition of these skins makes your phone easier to grip, lowering your chances of accidentally dropping it.

Because Nexus skins are cut to their specific dimensions, they afford a unique airtight seal. Their seamless application to your phone will prevent dirt particles from working their way in between the skin and your phone, saving your 6-inch Quad HD display from any unwanted scratches and cracks. This will also protect your phone from finger oils and spilled liquids that could lessen the functionality of the device. Airtight, however, doesn’t mean permanent. The unique composition of the vinyl skins makes them a breeze to take off and reapply—leaving no sticky residue behind. Jumping between styles to fit your mood has never been so easy.

If ever in doubt, the best skin providers will have engaging videos to show you exactly how simple it is to put your Nexus skins on. So when choosing your next skin for your Nexus 6, do a little research. Not all companies can offer a customized and fashionable fit. Shop only with companies that appreciate how important it is for your phone to be stylish and protected. Then you can rest assured your phone will be protected and look great.


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