A Car HUD for the Rest of Us

Did you know some cars actually have heads up displays integrated into the dashboard or windshield that tell you everything you could need to know about your driving stats like it’s a video game?

It’s true. I saw them on “Top Gear,” where cars I’ve always dreamed about but will never come within spitting distance of due to price tags that resemble Powerball winnings and the slight possibility I may actually spit on them are featured. They sure do look great though, and have that rare gadget trait of being as practical and useful as they are exciting.

Garmin might just have the answer for those that are unable to afford a car with a HUD built in though, as they are getting set to introduce a $150 standalone model that fits easily on your dashboard. All you have to do is plug the device in to your smartphone, and in turn it projects your current speed, the speed limit, the time, GPS coordinates, estimated time of arrival, and various other situational indicators onto a small screen that is easily viewable at any time.

Devices such as these have a shaky history of functionality when it comes to actually using them, but Garmin is about as reliable a name as there is in this market, and everything shown so far suggests this is a well designed device that is especially useful to anyone who hasn’t committed to a GPS yet, and could just be the all in one bad-ass driving display you’ve been wanting.


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