6 Most Innovative Automobile Gadgets Introduced in the Past Decade

Newer car features not only make driving safer, but allow modern conveniences to drivers. Car makers are eliminating many of the common distractions for drivers, making the road safer for everyone.

1. Automatic Parallel Parking

2012 Ford Focus interior

Before this innovative feature, people would drive laps around the block to avoid parallel parking spots. Now, drivers can’t wait to slide into a parallel parking spot on a busy downtown street. With the click of a button your car can size up the spot’s perimeters, start rotating your wheel, and make you look like a parking champion.

2. Automatic Brakes

The world is a better place now that many new cars have automatic brakes. By detecting danger in the form of another car, a person, or a road obstruction, these brake-systems keep drivers and passengers safe. Automatic brakes detect danger through a variety of sensors including radars, video, infrared, and ultrasonic technologies. With this feature, fewer rear-ends are in the future.

3. Phone Integration

This feature creates safer, less distracted drivers. By allowing drivers to talk on their phones, hands-free, the roads are safer. Smartphones are able to synch with audio systems in cars, so that the speaker phone is activated through the audio. Microphones are installed in the audio systems so drivers don’t need to find their phones to answer a phone call. The phone just needs to be somewhere in the car.
Even newer to cars, a texting function allows you have texts read to you by a computer, and reply to the texts with voice activation. This feature is becoming so popular that you can probably even find it in cars on buy here pay here car lots. Convenient will become the most popular word in your vocabulary.

4. Start/Stop Technology

This technology is smart enough to cut off the engine when your car is in idle and automatically start it back up when you begin to move, saving your car’s fuel. Perfect for heavy traffic or catching long red lights, this feature won’t let your car waste fuel when you’re sitting stationary. You’ll be saving the environment and your money with this start/stop technology.

5. Pushbutton Gear Selector

Freeing up center console space, this feature allows the driver to select gears with the touch of a button. Park, reverse, drive, or put your car in neutral with these buttons. Found in some cars from the sixties, this retro-feature is making its way back into cars. You won’t have to worry about gear shifts rusting or sticking when you’re trying to put your car into gears.

6. Intelligent Crash Response System

Instead of a voice clicking on asking you if you’re safe after a car accident, this crash response system automatically unlocks your doors, disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator cable, shuts off the fuel supply, and turns on the warning hazards and interior lights. Found standard in several Volkswagens, this system focuses on safety, even after an accident occurs.

As technology advances, safety measures advance making driving safer for everyone involved. Being a distracted driver is not possible these pioneering automobile features.


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