Imgur’s New Meme Creator is Easy to Use, Comprehensive, and about to Takeover the Internet

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Memes are essentially the ultimate guilty pleasure of the internet.

We may mock them openly, and the people who go on about them publicly, but we’re all guilty of laughing at them, or even hunting them down when no one is watching. There’s something immensely satisfying about these simple, themed photo and text combinations that keeps them alive as the dominant form of humor online.

And now, as the late Ned Stark alerted you in the meme above, more memes are coming.

That is because Imgur, also known as where most of the internet’s photos stem from one way or another, has just released a meme creation tool of their own, not long after the popular program quickmeme was banned from Reddit for allegedly using bots to downvote any memes not created through them, and upvote their own.

Reportedly though, this program has been in the works long before that, and it shows in how easily it functions, without sacrificing anything in the way of ability. You simply have to pick the background image from your favorite meme, fill in the traditional top and bottom text fields, and in under a minute you’ve got a meme of your own to troll the internet with.

Of course, easier meme creation means both an influx of inspired memes, and even more really, really crappy ones. So if you think you’ve got some text that can make “Not Sure If Fry,” “Pepperidge Farms Remembers Guy,” or “Socially Awkward Penguin” humorous again, be sure to give Imgur’s new program a shot, and help combat the tides of people who will be filling the internet with easy bake humor soon.


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