If Inspector Gadget Was a Sloppy Drunk, This Would be His Watch


For most, the only clear indication you’ve had too much to drink usually comes after a moment that will be known by the next day as “The Incident.”

“The Incident” can cover any number of occurrences (usually vomit related) that would never have happened if you had simply decided to end your night of debauchery at a point when you were still functioning on a basic human level, and had yet to turn into an alcohol triggered hulk on a rampage of bad decisions.

Instead of relying entirely on hindsight though, why not be able to see that turning point when it occurs, with the same 20/20 vision, no matter how thick a pair of drunk goggles you’re sporting at the time?

The fine folks at Tokyoflash thought the same, and as such have created a watch that allows you take a breathalyzer test without risking “The Incident” with an officer of the law present. Simply blow into a port on the side of the watch, and shortly thereafter you get not only your current Blood-Alcohol Content level, but a handy color coordinated LED system for quick reference. Just like a traffic light, if the watch is green you’re still good to go, while yellow means to slow it down, and of course red is a sure sign that you should put that shot down and walk away.

Not just a one trick pony though, the watch also has a built in sobriety game that sees you having to stop a moving line dead center, as well as a digital time display that is easy to read regardless of your current status.

While probably not accurate enough to use in court (“Cmon judge, I was in the yellow!”) this is a handy little device for the drinker who occasionally tests the limit, but earns its $100 buy in price for most as a great way to start a game/conversation at any bar.



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