Could the Mycestro Conduct a New Age For the Wireless Mouse?

I’ve never had a problem with the traditional wireless mouse. It’s comfortable, accurate, reliable, installs without hassle, and are generally cheap. There’s never really been a reason to question or dream of an alternative, until they perfect motion systems that is.

It appears there is an alternative in the meantime though, and it is more intriguing than I would have thought.

Called the Mycestro, it’s billed as a 3D mouse and is currently rocketing past the asking goals on Kickstarter. It’s a bluetooth enabled finger clip-on and serves as a lightweight micro sized mouse substitute, that functions off of a touch sensitive panel built into the side. Sliding your finger up and down the panel allows for the traditional scroll movements, while pressure sensitive areas serve as the right, left, and middle click. There’s an eight hour plus battery life, USB charging port, and impressive functionality range of 30 feet.

The benefits of the Mycestro mostly seem to stem from its incredibly small size which ensures its functionality in even the most cramped and awkward of set ups, and also it’s minimal movement for maximum results design style. As also demonstrated by the video, it is particularly ideal for a PC to TV set up, or even instances like manipulating your computer from a distance, while say in the kitchen or on the phone.

I’m less convinced though about its practicality at more complex movement required games like first person shooters and, though this is addressed directly, I still believe it would at least be initially awkward while typing. Attempting to ghost the motions this device would require while typing this gives me the impression that it would be a suitable mouse alternative, but I’m not sure exactly how beneficial it is for everyday use.

Still though if it’s functionally sound, the potential freedom it offers could be well worth the initial adjustment period. For a $79.00 minimum backing you can reserve one for when they ship later this year, and see for yourself if this Mycestro’s work is an earth shattering movement, or unfinished symphony.


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