An Office Chair that is Designed for Posture and Comfort? Go On…

As someone who is confined to an office chair all day, let me tell you that they are not the comfortable prospect they may seem to people who spend their working days on their feet. Instead they are usually a rung or two down from the most diabolical medieval torture devices, and their design inspiration rarely stretches beyond that of “chair.”

Which is why I like the idea behind the Optimal Posture chair, the office chair designed for the modern day average human, who can’t manage to sit perfectly straight for eight hours a day, five days a week, for most of the calendar year. It encourages the user to maintain their ideal sitting posture, largely by moving the backrest to the front, and making room for you to droop your arms comfortably over, while incorporating the natural lean most people tend to have when sitting. The rest also swivels to the more traditional position, where it still incorporates your shoulder positioning to provide maximum support.

More than just a twist on the classic chair design, the Optimal Posture chair also takes into account your lower body, as it forces it into a position of “semi-standing” that also counters the dreaded slouching efect. Put it all together and you can remove your daily pain in the back from your pain in the…elsewhere…job, for the not so low price of $499.95.

Designed with the help of spine doctors, this chair reminds me of the “As Seen on TV” success Snuggie, in that its bizzare, somewhat easy to mock looks also appear to be insanely comfortable and produce a desirable effect when actually used. So while it may look a little strange, and have a notable asking price, for optimal comfort in your day, it sure beats the hell out of waiting for the employee with the good chair to quit so you can steal it.


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