The World’s Most Advanced Rocking Chair, Just in Time For Christmas

The mention of a rocking chair conjures many images. Among them are old men whittling away the hours on slow country nights, creepy horror movie sets, banjos, swamps, and of course, people looking infinitely relaxed. Of all the images though, none of them would probably be that of top of the line technology. Instead rocking chairs are a relic of a simpler time, and thankfully always will be.

Nah, I’m just messing with you.

Called the iRock (…ok that’s pretty good) this oak rocking chair is designed by the Sweedish based Micasa Labs and retails for $1300. While I’m sure that it is quite sturdy, well built, and comfortable, the real appeal of the iRock comes from its Apple compatibility.

On the arm rest is a standard Apple dock for your iPad or iPhone. Plug into the dock, and as long as you continue to rock the chair, your device will keep charging. Specifically, the makers of the chair estimate that rocking for 60 minutes will charge an iPad 3 to 35%, although as long as it’s in use your device will continue to charge and can also store energy. There is also a nice pair of 25 Watt speakers on either side of your head for a completely integrated media experience. It also comes in 5 different colors, although it’s hard to argue against the standard Apple white.

Now obviously the appeal of this device is going to be niche to say the least. However, I think that you’ll be surprised by the depth of potential buyers. Groups that include:

–          The Rich

–          The Eccentric

–          People who love their iPads way too much

–          Your rich, eccentric grandfather who loves his iPad way too much.

–          People in areas with really, really, unsteady electrical output

–          Minamilists that are secretly tech-freaks

–          Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin? Yeah, you see not only was he an innovator in the field of electricity, but he’s also rumored to have created the rocking chair. So I think he might appreciate this device.

Actually no, even he’d probably think it’s ridiculous.

Although, you’ll still need a lot of him to get one


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