Is Your Phone Smart?


Think that smartphones only surfaced in the last few years? Think again. Smartphones have been around for a while. Albeit, they were a bit clunky and not as flashy as they are now. But, they were the basic models for that nice looking phone you have today. When they first appeared in 1993, they were clunky and heavy, but they did serve as a phone and fax machine. Older smartphones like Simon paved the way for the smartphones we have today. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that other companies started developing their own brand of smartphones. Now, smartphones provide a plethora of entertainment to consumers, as well as the ability to personalize it.

1. Ringtones have evolved from standard chimes and telephone rings, to full MP3 songs. People can load their favorite music on their smartphones, and individually set them to contacts in their address books. That’s not all. Sounds called message tones can also be loaded on your phone. These sounds vary, ranging from funny to downright silly. Literally all smartphones are customizable, and can be purchased everywhere.

2. Smartphones on eBay give consumers the ability to buy phones without a contract. The options become even broader since smartphones can be bought rooted. This means that they’re hacked or unlocked to work with any wireless provider. It also allows you to install a compatible OS on the phone. Just make sure it works with your wireless provider.

3. Pictures and movies come on nearly every smartphone. Most people use their phones to take pictures or record video. They are capable of sharing media via 3G or 4G networks to social networking sites. In addition, most smartphones are GPS enabled, which means you can find your destination wherever you are.

4. Music listening is now an ability on all smartphones. Many people substitute their MP3 players with their cell phones. Some smartphones come built with 8 to 16GB of flash memory already on the phone. However, the majority of them have the option of increasing this memory to double or more. Locate the SD card slot beneath the phone battery, or on the side. Pop an SD card into the slot, and you have more room for mobile entertainment.

Smartphones have come a long way since the Simon. And, that was only in 1993! Who would have thought that the mobile phone would have advanced so much in such a short period? Because of the technology we have today, which continues to improve, smartphones will only get better.


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