The Steep Slope of Improvements Since The First iPhone

Think your iPhone is the best version available today? Well, it is until the November release of the iPhone 5, at least. Don’t fret: in the short history of the popular platform, many versions have been overshadowed by upstarts. Take a look at this iPhone evolution infographic, and find out how it has improved over the years. The next time you’re wondering where to get an iPhone you’ll be armed with the knowledge of its past, and insights about its future.


Top 3 Weirdest Trends in Cell Phone Naming

Cell Phones.We’ve all heard of the Apple iPhone 4 and the Verizon Droid, but what about the LG Wine? And the Samsung Dart?

Recently, companies have been putting on their malfunctioning thinking caps and churning out uncharacteristic names for phone brands. If you haven’t been in the market for a new cellular device, you’re missing out on some classic names.

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 3 weirdest phone naming trends.

Apparently, cell phone makers find past names far too feminine and dainty for all of the chiseled, baritone men out there, and they’ve just about had enough.

To combat this girly, glittery epidemic, phone manufacturers have amped up the grit.


Samsung’s manly phone collection features the Gusto and the Rugby. Yes, now it’s okay to name phones after rough sports and tough-sounding buzzwords.

We can’t neglect the classic Motorola products: the Brute and the Quantico. If you’re wondering what “Quantico” means, so were we. That’s why we hyperlinked you — to save you the trouble of discovering that it is indeed not a word; it’s the location of a Marine Corps Base. Kudos, Motorola, for at least being subtle about your manliness.

Future name predictions: Bicep, Toolkit, Hockey

For all of those workaholics and drama-ridden teenagers surrounded by cell phones and other miscellaneous technology, there’s a new way to appreciate the natural world. Next time you’re ready to answer that phone call, remember your phone’s nature-related name and feel instantly rejuvenated.


Get in touch with nature with the Samsung Sunburst or Evergreen. If you’re feeling more on the celestial side, the Samsung Galaxy and the LG Cosmos are at your disposal.

Why are clunky, electronic phones named after nature? We’ll never know. Out of all the names inspired by weather, space, and animals, the most interesting is the Samsung Flight — we’re pretty sure there still isn’t an app for that.

Future name predictions: Foliage, Moonbeam, Aqueduct

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the realm of science — which, admittedly, makes a little more sense. Science and technology have been advancing so quickly that not only can you video chat a relative from across the country on your phone, you can buy cell cell phones on eBay from the comfort of your coach.

However, we know Motorola’s Titanium or Photon phones aren’t named to show appreciation of the scientific pioneers of our society. They get these names simply because they sound awesome and complicated.

The same goes for the LG Quantum and Octane phones. One look at any of these names, and you’re convinced these tiny phones will be time-traveling you back to the Stone Age.

Old cell phones.

The best name, though, is the Samsung Gravity. Based on how many people have dropped their phones and now talk on cells with shattered screens and chipped-off edges, naming a phone after gravity actually deserves some positive recognition.

Future name predictions: Titration, Enzyme, Mitochondria

It seems that Nokia got lucky on this one because all of their phones have names consisted of random numbers and letters. Despite this, we wish they’d at least name a phone C-3PO. Who knows — maybe pop culture robots will be the next naming trend.