Blackberry accessory pack giveaway!

Urbanears Tanto headphones.Don’t let all the news about the new iPhone get you down, Blackberry fans. RIM is still alive and well, delivering handsets you can love. To celebrate the non-Apple fanboys among us, we’ve put together a Blackberry accessory pack giveaway on our parent site, I’ve posted the rules here but you’ll want to get a full look at our contest page on Bullz-Eye.

If eligible, you’ll be entered to win a pair of Urbanears Tanto headphones, a Joby Gorillamobile tripod, an iSkin Vibe phone case, and the RichardSolo 1800, a pocket-sized USB batterybackup that also boasts a laser pointer. Just be sure to enter before May 19th!

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Android passes US iPhone web traffic

iPhone vs the Android platform.According to the most recent AdMob stats, the Android platform has surpassed the iPhone’s web traffic in the US for the month of March. It’s a strange statistic, considering that AdMob is one, in the process of being picked up by Google and, two, reporting data based on ad traffic. I’m not trying to suggest that Android users are bigger suckers than their iPhone-toting counterparts, but it isn’t exactly the most accurate method on earth for analyzing web traffic.

Still, it is a method – probably the best we have – and by that method Android has pulled ahead. The iPhone is still ahead worldwide, but while it may see a domestic jump this June with the launch of the new iPhone, I can’t help feeling like Android will keep gaining ground. A lot of people really love the departure from the Apple platform, and I don’t think that’s likely to change with new iPhone hardware. There’s also the simple matter of variety – Android has it, the iPhone doesn’t. If you like the iPhone OS but don’t like the hardware, tough shit. With Android you at least have some options.

Source: Business Wire


iPhone 4G leak prompts a raid on Gizmodo editor’s house

Jason Chen with the iPhone 4GWho’s that guy with the iPhone 4G? That’s Jason Chen, one of the editors at Gizmodo and the guy being held responsible for the recent iPhone 4G leak. I say being held responsible because it appears California law enforcement raided his home looking for the prototype phone he leaked last week, confiscating computers, cameras, and servers in the process.

Gawker Media COO Gaby Darbyshire issued a response to law enforcement officials stating that they had an invalid warrant because of Chen’s status as a journalist under California law. Legal details aside, you can see Jason’s account of the story at Gizmodo. Whatever the decision, this seems like some fairly extreme action on the part of Cali law. First there has to be proof that the phone was stolen, rather than left in the bar. Secondly, that journalism thing makes it pretty hard to prosecute a guy who works from home as the editor of one of the most prominent tech blogs in the world on the grounds that he’s not a journalist.

Whatever the outcome, this is a big win for Apple. The buzz around the new iPhone is as hot as it has ever been thanks to the leak. This only turns up the heat.


The Woz speaks out about Apple product leaks

Wozniak Gray Powell shirt.There’s been a lot of hullabaloo around the recent iPhone 4G leak, if only because leaks like this are so rare from Apple. Everyone expected Gray Powell, the engineer responsible for leaving his prototype iPhone in a bar where it could be picked up by just anyone, to experience the full wrath of Steve Jobs. He’s still employed though, and as the Woz has it, Powell hopefully won’t be going anywhere.

Wozniak dropped by Gizmodo to offer his thoughts on Apple security, leak prevention, and employee termination. Woz was recently up close and personal with an employee term, after a retail associate showed him the iPad after midnight on launch day, apparently enough of a no-no to get himself canned.

Maybe the best quote from the whole thing is this: “Product secrecy is good for Apple and should be strictly enforced, but maybe 10% of niceness and 90% of strictness is OK too.”

You can find the full post at Gizmodo.


Fusion Garage stumbles again

Fusion Garage email.Fusion Garage is eager to get feedback on its JooJoo tablet. It’s so eager, in fact, that it sent all of the pre-order customers (a whopping 64 people) a personal email asking for feedback. Oh, that email also contained every other customer’s email address in the CC field. You know, guys, there is a BCC field for a reason.

Personally, I think this is hilarious. It’s not like every spammer in the world doesn’t already have your email address. What are the dupes that got suckered into buying a JooJoo going to do with it, anyway? Email you when their device fails? At least you can commiserate with one another, right? Here’s the full text of the email:

Dear Sir and Madam,

Thank you for supporting JooJoo.

We hope to get your feedback about the JooJoo Tablet. Please revert back to us want you think of our product. Please drop us a line on how your JooJoo is working.

Thank you.


Source: Uneasy Silence