Another Apple/Google board member shows his allegiance

Arthur Levinson.Genentech chairman Arthur Levinson decided to resign from his board position at Google. The announcement isn’t far from Eric Schmidt deciding to leave the Apple board, where Levinson also sits as a director. Ties between the two companies are becoming scarce as investigations continue and competition heats up.

Google made the announcement earlier today, which included comments from CEO Eric Schmidt. “Art has been a key part of Google’s success these past five years, offering unvarnished advice and vital counsel on every big issue and opportunity Google has faced,” Schmidt said. “Though he leaves as a member of our Board, Art will always have a special place at Google.”

That’s certainly a gracious farewell from a company wrapped up in investigations that just seem to get uglier as they go. Earlier this month Schmidt encouraged Levinson to remain on both boards, though it wouldn’t be surprising if ol’ Steve was leaning on him pretty heavily to pick a side.


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