Scosche tapSTICK Gives The New Shuffle Some Buttons

Scosche tapSTICK.When I first saw Apple’s new iPod Shuffle, I knew it would just be a matter of time before someone found a way to put actual buttons on the device. Scosche has done just that with their new tapSTICK.

The tapSTICK doubles as a case for the 3rd generation shuffle, adding protection and a few buttons to make control more…well…natural. Apple’s new VoiceOver control strikes me as less slick and more stupid, particularly on a device targeted at an active population. The last thing I want while I’m cycling is to listen to a computerized voice read track names, and then fiddle with a single press control dongle.

The tapSTICK runs a beefy $39.99 (available for preorder), a solid 50% upcharge on the price of the shuffle itself. At least you’ll have buttons, right?


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