App Watch: Cardstar Manages Multiple Memberships

Mesa Dynamics' Cardstar.You’ve got your insurance card, your grocery card, your other insurance card, your gym card, your library card, your bulk-supplier-of-choice card…that’s a lot of cards, and there are plenty of other memberships I’ve not even mentioned. Luckily, the clever folks at Mesa Dynamics have programmed an iPhone app to handle all that crap.

The app, called Cardstar, comes pre-programmed with some 130 merchants and retailers across the US, Canada, and the UK. An app is only as good as its ability to be tailored to personal needs, and luckily Cardstar delivers. The app allows you to add any card that may not already be in the database.

Even though Cardstar isn’t a particularly new app, I thought I’d post since it’s running right now for free, as opposed to the normal $.99.


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