Apple, Google Under Investigation by the FTC

Google and Apple: Match made in hell?The Federal Trade Commission is taking a closer look at the Apple-Google relationship, with particular regard to their board members, to see if the pair is in violation of antitrust laws.

Google and Apple share board members Eric Schmidt (CEO at Google) and Arthur Levinson (former Genentech CEO). The FTC will attempt to determine whether having both men on both boards hurts competition in the marketplace.

News like this always cracks me up. We’re talking about two giants here, companies so big that there’s really no way they aren’t limiting a competitive marketplace in some way. Not that the two don’t do any good. I’m a shameless user of the products and services both companies provide, and for the most part I’ve had a solid experience with both. Suggesting that two men sitting two boards does any more to damage the marketplace seems more like a stunt by the FTC, as though they’re saying, “no really, guys, we are paying attention.”

Source: InformationWeek


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