Online Marketing in the Tech Space


Tech businesses around the world know that to survive in the industry, a company must always be on the cutting edge of tech gadgets, apps and platforms that people want to use. Once you have that can’t-live-without product or service, you need to market it to the right audience. A decade ago you could get away with going to buy domain names, set up a simple website and that’s it. In today’s marketing landscape, tech businesses will need to do much more in order to reach the right kinds of customers, whether your product is made for consumers or for the business world.

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Self-dimming LED lightbulb

The innovation coming out with LED products is pretty amazing these days. This cool gadget let’s you easily set your LED lights to dim over a pre-set amount of time, making it easier to fall asleep. Check out the video and the link below.

Buy it here.

Apple’s iPhone fight with FBI continues

This fight drags on with both sides holding firm. Tim Cook has said he’s willing to take this one to the Supreme Court.

The FBI wants access to a terrorists phone. Apple wants to prevent creating a back door that can be exploited by hackers on phones in the future. Frankly, this is an overly simplistic overview in a case where all parties are describing the problem differently.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

Third-Party Extended Warranties: A Complex Topic

6 2016 Mazda MX-5

Consumers are often offered extended warranties from vehicle dealers when they purchase new or used vehicles. Extended warranties can be great products because they offer peace of mind in the event that your car needs to be repaired after the manufacturer’s new car, or dealer’s used car, warranty is no longer in effect. But there is an important thing to know about extended warranties – they are not all created equal. Those offered by reputable dealers are fine but many third-party ones aren’t. Here is what we want you to know:

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Defensive Driving Tips


Whether you are a new driver or have had your license for many years, you have probably heard the term “defensive driving.” It is important to be a safe driver on the road to help yourself avoid an accident. In the process, you can also save money, time and lives, even if driving conditions are not ideal or if the actions of others aren’t, either. Below are some tips to be aware of for you to effectively practice defensive driving:

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