Surveillance through your toaster?


Here’s an interesting thought – as more gadgets are connected through the internet, using sensors to make out lives easier, it also opens up ways for hackers or the government to spy and conduct surveillance.

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About Daytime Running Lights

2 2014-Chevrolet-Corvette-045

Have you noticed the secondary strings of lights that embellish the headlights of a lot of the new cars today? Sometimes they are just a single point of light but many form interesting illuminated patterns that swoop around a vehicle’s main headlights. The automotive industry calls these additional lights “daytime running lights” (DRLs) and they are becoming very popular.

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Do cruise controls really save gas?


Cruise controls are devices that allow a car to maintain a constant speed regardless of driving conditions. What that really means is when going up and down hills on the highway, the device keeps your speed the same. Cruise controls have been around for decades and they are very popular devices.

People enjoy having cruise controls for two reasons. First, they are convenient. When you put your car on cruise, you can relax a bit behind the wheel. When driving long distances, anything that can reduce the workload is a welcome thing. Secondly, they allegedly save gas, in other words you get better gas mileage when you drive with you cruise control on. In fact, a few scattered studies performed by auto-related organizations indicate that using cruise control correctly could boost gas mileage between 7 percent and 14 percent. The questions is: can we count on saving gas if we use our cruise controls?

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Our Connected Cars


Today our connected world encompasses far more than just internet websites, it’s now extending to what we drive. Yes, many automotive manufacturers are now offering ways to interact with their vehicles via mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Services such as Jaguar’s InControl Connect and others make it possible for owners to control certain features in their vehicles. Here’s just a few things that connectivity can bring to the connected car experience:

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Those Remarkable Boxer Engines

Boxer engines get their name from the way that the pistons move. The pistons move horizontally, in an opposing manner sort of like two boxers punching at each other. Over the years, this unique design has been used on a lot of vehicles. Boxer engines are an elegant engine design and offer natural advantages for automotive design engineers.

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