Gaming on PC – Mobile – Download and Flash games are all here


Gaming on PC – Mobile – Download and Flash games are all here for the people who want to be able to experiment with different online gaming platforms. Some people prefer playing games on their mobile devices, but mobile devices really have not managed to replace all other devices today. Some people still prefer using their desktops instead of their mobile devices or even their laptops. They might feel more safe and secure when they use their desktops and sit at home compared to when they use their mobile devices in public. Other people might not have access to mobile devices and they still might be using their old desktops or laptops.

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Your Competitors Will Bury You Unless You Update Your Website

female worker typing at keyboard fingers

It’s never easy being the new kid on the block. This is especially true in the world of business. While there are people who love new faces, there are millions more who prefer to stick with the tried and true. Overcoming the inherent resistance to change that is the main feature of the international public can be difficult. One thing is for sure: It’s a task that will be all but impossible to accomplish if you fail to equip yourself with the proper tools for the task. And when it comes to doing business on the Internet, you had better be equipped with the latest e-commerce software.

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Fitbit sales leadership isn’t reflected in stock performance

In the video above, Fitbit CEO James Park addresses an interesting dilemma for Fitbit, as the company’s stock price has under-performed since its IPO. The company is a leader in its space as the top fitness tracker on the market, and the Apple Watch hasn’t dented its momentum. It’s also in the exploding wearables category, which offers huge potential growth. But skeptics haven’t rewarded the company with increases in the stock price. Park explains that there is some concern that the company is just a one-product company.

When will the Google smartphone be released?

Will Google be making its own phone? Does it need to given its control of the Android platform. Check out the video above for a discussion. In many ways, going in this direction makes little sense for Google. Let’s see how eager they are to enter into the hardware wars. while Microsoft has had some success with hardware, they’ve had their share of failures as well. Google should probably be cautious here.

The Future of Multiplatform Online Entertainment is Here


Computers have invaded our lives in the last few decades, taking over our workplaces, our homes, even our pockets in the process. Today having smart watches on our wrists, a smart TVs in our living rooms, smart phones in our pocket is not science fiction anymore – it’s everyday life. And with all this technology around us we’ve discovered new forms of interaction and entertainment. One of them is video games, which have spread to all of the smart devices I mentioned above. And they are evolving continuously to make the best use of all the devices that surround us.

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